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Gothenburg was getting back to life after the long and cold winter under the pandemic. Covid was still around though. The sun was already up in the sky and the day just lasted longer and longer. There were several days that felt like summer as it got pretty warm during the day that wearing only a t-shirt was just fine. For a few days, there was some snow and hail. Aprilväder was quite unpredictable.

After 8 months, I finally had a proper party with some friends and colleagues. It was Nadina’s birthday on Wednesday before the Easter. Then we partied on Thursday. She brought a lot of friends and it was fun. It had been a long while since my last party. Hopefully, I could do more and more.

Here is Javi, a Spanish friend from KTH that I was still contact with. It happened that he needed to come to Gothenburg to work on one weekend. I was just very happy to meet him in person after 4 years from when I left Sweden last time. (Well, I actually had calls with him from time to time as I worked for his startup project when I was in Thailand.) There was a lot to catch up in our life. Four years and the pandemic. Life was not that easy. I was glad that he still stuck around in my life :)

Not to be so dramatic, but I was in my 30s starting a new life in a new city almost all alone. It was not an easy path especially when I didn’t have any friend from the beginning. It was such a prove of how strong I could be mentally. It was still better than where my mind was one year ago. At least I felt more peaceful and free. I was so lucky that I was surrounded by good people whom I felt I could trust them. Though I knew that such relationship needs time.

Earlier I thought I had a group of close friends but then we just drifted apart and moved on in different paths. It was sad and disappointing but I guess that was just how life and relationship could normally be. When things are not meant to be together, no matter how hard I try to hold it all together, they just don’t work out eventually. I don’t think I can do anything about it, but only let it go.

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