New Accent

Hi there,

My new job kicked off right away. The first two weeks were pretty overwhelming. As the company was big, the stakes and expectations were high. There was a lot of information to absorb within a few days and I was put to work almost immediately. 

It was quite a new experience though because I never worked as a consultant and never worked in a such big and formal corporate. Therefore I had to change my mindset to fit in. Also, the team was international. There were people from different countries and cultures in the team. So that was quite interesting and fun. The communication became very important as we came from different backgrounds and would have to work closely.

This time I was a digital marketing consultant working as an interaction designer. One of my responsibilities was to lead the team. I can already feel the weight on my shoulder. I supposed this would be a great learning experience. Hope it wouldn’t hurt much.

See ya,

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