Game Resting

Hi there,

I just got a Nintendo Switch and some games. I never liked fighting games but Super Smash Bros Ultimate was quite an exceptional real deal. I had already spent more than 20 hours playing the adventure mode unlocking characters and collecting spirits. (Damn. I was so into it.) I was on the way to finish the game. Not sure when, but soon!

It happened that I got a new offer from another company. Therefore I was in a job transition period and got some free weeks. I had been taking a vacation for a couple of weeks already. It was quite a nice relaxing time. No stress. Only games, gym, yoga, piano, series, movies, and a freelance gig. That all already occupied me full-time. 

I had stopped writing the 3 things that made me happy each day. Looking back, I did that for almost 1 year. I started in February 2019 and stopped in January 2020. The reason I started was that I felt so stressed and unhappy. So I got to pay my attention to things that I was happy about. I stopped when I resigned from my job. I wasn’t sure if it was my job that made me unhappy, but at least I felt relieved. All of a sudden the burden was just lifted off. (Morphosis and I parted in good terms though.)

I didn’t have all the notes here. It was just too much to have it all in one image, but this was about 5 months. 

It was the time I got to fully rest and prepare for the next challenge. Let’s see where it would lead me too.

Talk to you later,

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