Meh Year

Hi there,

And the most “meh” year goes to…2019. I had been meh-ing for almost the whole year. Looking back, there were just a few happy moments that I can think of. The best one was the Japan trip that I did with my Swedish friends. The rest was just a bit of this and that. Nothing impressive. It wasn’t really a good year for me. My happiest time in a day was probably when I went to the gym. I had been unhappy for most of the year. There were so many disappointments…or maybe I just set my expectations way too high. So it hurt really bad when I failed. 

Well I was still alive and wasn’t ill. I was lucky I didn’t have depression. Probably all those disappointments just made me more humble and down to earth. Living with dreams can be exhausting and I should learn how to pause and rest a bit. Just to prepare for if it gets worse next year.

It had been an exhausting year with a little progress. Here are some joy I got last week. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

See you next decade!

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