An Unexpected Call

Hi there,

It had been almost a month that I had been staying in Bangkok. I kind of settled down already. No more jet lag. In these 4 weeks, I went to see a doctor and a dentist to check up my health. I also had PRK laser eye surgery, so I didn’t need eye-glasses anymore. I met my friends and had some meals together. That was nice. Though it was unproductive weeks, I deserved some rest in order to recharge and be ready for the upcoming future.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Saatchi&Saatchi Bangkok. That was so surprising. It was the week that I got a surgery. I didn’t see the email at first until they contacted me again a few days later. We had a meeting the week after and I would start working tomorrow! Though I would be an intern for the next few months. I wasn’t looking for a long term employment in Thailand anyway. I still stuck to my plan A-“find a way back to Sweden”. It was a summer time over there. I didn’t think I could find a job at this moment. It might be better to do something productively during this time, at least, to gain more experience.

Today I went to my university to congratulate my friend-Pim (and take a lot photos). It was nice to be back again. Since I came back to Thailand, apart from my family, it was the first time that I hugged some people here. Thais just don’t hug :/


That was pretty much about it. See you all another time!

Good luck,

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