Hi there,

The first month of my new job was all right. There was some tuning and changing but it all went well (at least from what I saw). The workplace was fine. My colleagues were nice. The work was fun. Everything seemed cool and I enjoyed my first month pretty much. Though I knew there were still a lot to learn. 

Apart from my job, I didn’t really do much this month. There were a couple of meetings with some friends and that was all. The thing was that I hadn’t had much time to plan anything much. My focus was more on my new job. It didn’t seem to be that much (Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, yes only 9 to 5!) but it actually mentally demanded. Well, I wanted to perform well at work and I was still new to the company. I had to do some preparation and balance my mind a bit during my free time. So I wouldn’t become too stressed. 

I got some sneak peek of things I did at work. I must admit that I didn’t create much beautiful design these days. Most of my work was more about researching, planning, arranging, discussing, and sketching. Although there was a lot of writing (as you can see in the image), it was very challenging and fun. However, who knows. Maybe I would make some fancy design for another projects in the coming months ;)


(I made the image small on purpose. The information was still confidential. I didn’t want to get fired after 1 or 2 months.)


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