Intense Routine

Hi there,

Last 2 months were crazily busy. I did too many activities besides my full-time job. Every week there were Swedish class 2 times, driving class 1 time, gym 3 times, running 1 time, swimming 1 time, hot yoga 1 time and dance classes 2 times. I didn’t plan to do all these at the same time but somehow I ended up keeping them all together. It was not easy because my body was enduring all these activities. It was so much intense that I believed my body couldn’t recover in time or had a proper rest. Therefore, the hemorrhoid that I had about a year ago seemed to act up. However, there was no bleeding and I already went to see a doctor to check up. There was nothing and it seemed alright…

Anyway, this week I didn’t do any workout except dance classes because I paid for them so I had to attend XD. I also started riding a bike to work instead of walking. My feet didn’t feel alright in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t know if it was all the intensity that I put on my body or I just simply walked too much in a day. Well, riding a bike to work and back home wasn’t bad. Surely I worked out less but I saved some time. Previously it took about 40 minutes to the office by walking and taking a ferry. With the bike, it took about 20 minutes and the rent for the bike cost only 300 kr per year. It wasn’t so bad in the end. Though when the weather was bad, maybe I would just walk instead of riding a bike. 

I guessed that this 1-week rest would help my body to be fully recovered. Then I would start my routine again next week. This resting week seemed like a must from time to time. Let’s see how it would affect my body.

These photos were taken at the end of February when there was heavy fog in Gothenburg. It was pretty scary though. The visibility was very short.

Last Friday there was a house party at Afry and this is the photo of some of my colleagues. It was quite a fun evening!

See you later,

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