Big Prep

Hello there,

This month was really about preparing for some big things. My health was back on track and I had been training for the half-marathon in May (Göteborgsvarvet). I got to say that it was quite scary as I had never run that far before. I could only hope to finish it without injury. 

Another big thing was that I was about to buy an apartment next year. No, I didn’t have the money to pay the full price. I only got enough for the down payment. Plus, that down payment would be paid next year. So I had about one year to save and collect more money. At the moment, I was in the process of reservation and already signed the contract. Then I would have to pay the deposit to confirm my reservation. 

It was also scary because it was such a big investment and took most of my savings. Buying this apartment meant that I would be in debt since I had to take a loan from a bank. I would have to be more cautious when spending money on everything. At least this summer would be quite quiet for me and my plan for a Japan trip next winter might be postponed.

Here I had been recording my runs this month. There were days that I ran on a treadmill in a gym. They were not recorded though.

Here is Valerio, an Italian who joined me for the 18k! He was a friend from the Swedish class. Initially, he only wanted to do 10k. However, along the way, he just changed his mind to complete 18k with me. There was very spontaneous.

See you later,

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