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Hi there,

The weather got colder pretty quick. It seemed like the summer was really over. Leaves were turning yellow and red, and started to fall. It changed quite fast.

My job seeking situation was still in progress. I had a couple of interviews in this month but nothing was concrete. The recruiting process was very slow and it took a lot of time. Nothing could confirm that you would get a job even though you were involved in a later stage of the process. It was just difficult.

Some reflection that came to my mind after several interviews was that I seemed to be clearer about what I’d like to do and who I am. I went to a meeting and had an interview. An interviewer tended to ask same questions and I answered with the same answer. Over time I learned to developed the answer and learned to improve it somehow. This doesn’t mean that I lied but I got to develop a better way of telling my story and along the way I got to know myself and be clear on what I want. It also helped improve a confidence. This was such a skill that I overlooked.

Beside that, there wasn’t much going on. I went to see Julia & Romeo ballet with some friends, had some dinners (& parties) with some friends, and spent a lot of time working out in the gym. It sounds quite chilling, doesn’t it? Though I was super stressed with this unemployed situation :S

This is the stage in Kungliga Operan when I went to see Julia & Romeo ballet.

This is the dinner with Thai friends. As full as we can be. So much food so much fun.

This is from the housewarming party by Anna and Marta. There was also a birthday party (Javier & Martin) that I attended the same night but I didn’t take any picture :S

See you another time,

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