Empty Summer


The summer was very short. It was warm for 2 months-July and August, and it already got cold by the end of August. I still hoped that it would get warmer a bit in September :/

After I finished my study, I updated my portfolio (this website) and I had been looking and applying for a job the whole time. I sent out my job applications to almost 80 companies. About half of them rejected. The other half had no response. I had interviews with 8 companies. I got passed to another round with some of them, but eventually, I still didn’t get a job. It was really competitive and difficult to find a job here especially when Swedish is not my mother tongue. Though I still had some time left to seek employment in Sweden. I got to stay positive and keep trying.

Apart from job seeking, there wasn’t much for me to do. So I went to gym almost everyday, spent some time chilling at the beach near my house, and played piano. Some told me that I should enjoy this free time. I didn’t know if I would agree. I felt really uncomfortable and stressed. I had been busy for a long long time. Perhaps the last time when I was free was when I prepared myself to come to Sweden in 2012, but I went to an English class during that time. It wasn’t actually free though. Anyhow, I always found something to do to get busy. Now I was considering going to a Swedish class again. That could be something.

There was a Pride Parade in the beginning of this month. Stockholm was full of rainbows. This city seemed to embrace the diversity quite well.

My housemates and I had Kräftskiva (crayfish party). It was my first time eating crayfish and it actually didn’t taste different from shrimp. Anyway, it was a new experience although I was still allergic to it.

Some friends and I went to Stockholm Film Festival this year. We went to see Totoro, the Japanese animation. There were tons of people. It was cool but we didn’t stay until the end as it got too cold.

Last week my friends and I went to paddle. I did stand up paddling. The weather was a little tricky on that day. It rained when we arrived but it got better. Luckily none of us fell into water. (Big thanks to P’Naow for this photo.)

I didn’t feel like writing any Swedish text this time :/ There might be some in the next blog.

See ya,

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