In Memory Of Chester Bennington

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Another rockstar had just fallen. Death just took away the singer of one of my most favourite bands-Chester Bennington from Linkin Park as he hung himself. It was the evening (Sweden) of Thursday, July 20 when I was checking my Facebook and saw the news. At first I thought it was a hoax. After I checked through different websites, it turned out to be true…I was shocked. It felt so unreal. It was just too easy to happen. I still practiced “In the end” piano version casually. I grew up with this band and they had always been one of my favourite bands. I became a fan of this band since I was in high school (around 2001). I was struck with “In the end”, the first song that got me into this band. It was already 16 years and I still had their music in my playlist. I went to their concerts in Bangkok twice. The second time (2011), my friends and I managed to get so close to the stage. I remembered that very well. It was crazy and awesome. That was a great memory. Sadly, he just passed away. It was still hard to accept this…

That was sad and tragic. It seemed like internal struggles were a real deal. This included depression and all kind of negativity. I saw many people decided to end their life because of them. Some struggled since they were young and they had to carry on until they grew old. I wondered how they could bear with all the pain they had. Luckily my childhood wasn’t so bad although negativity came and went from time to time. Of course I had some struggles I needed to manage but I was lucky enough that they didn’t turn my mind into something unpleasant. So stay strong and stay alive. I hoped we all learned something for this incident.

For this blog, I pay tribute to Chester Bennington, one of the great influences of my teenage life.

This was taken from the Linkin Park concert in Bangkok on 23 September 2011 (A Thousand Suns: World Tour 2011 Linkin Park Returns To Bangkok).


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