Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year everybody,

Wish you all have a great year!

To begin with, I have some kind of short diary from my winter break.

23-25 Dec 2012 Celebrated Christmas with Renklint family at Enköping. It was such a big time, great moment and valuable memory. Thank Johan for this big great event :D
I drew a picture of his grandparents’ house but I forgot to take a photo :'(

29 Dec 2012 Just dropped a big great bomb with my dear friends and stole their energy in the high expectation time like Christmas and New Year holidays. Completely foolish I was. Felt like an idiot.
It took more than 1000 sentences to build up that bond, but I took less than 10 sentences with my madness to destroy it…Good job for me…

30 Dec 2012-1 Jan 2013 Had international dinner at my friend-Annet‘s place and went to Slussen, Stockholm to countdown with the crowd. It was my first-time celebrating New Year’s eve in another country…

Now, I’ve been working on my side and secret project. I have some pictures from this project to show (off).

These are “Jack of Hearts” (Filip), “Queen of Hearts” (Thia) and “King of Hearts” (Arber).
It was a hard time for me because I don’t have printer and scanner to help. Anyway, it proved my effort and my will. I had to draw it with my hand and I had to make it look the same on both side which it’s much more harder. I’ve never drawn any pictures harder than these…such a great challenge. For the result, I had myofascial pain-my neck hurts for a week (until now)…never mind…because they were happy. Thank these guys for giving me a good time in last few months last year :D
By the way, I had to stop working on this project because the pain was so terrible, but my work hasn’t done yet…So, let’s catch up soon.

Take care,

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