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Hi there everyone,

My website is still the same. After the first post, I realized that my website got infected by some kind of PHP virus. Then, I struggled to fix it. I replaced old files with new files and it came out an error in the site structure. Therefore, I decided to rebuilt the whole site, so I don’t have much time to change anything…please wait…

Today is completely one week that I moved to live here in Stockholm, Sweden for studying. Though I’m so fine here, I feel so new to everything, anything including myself. I have to try something I’ve almost never done before like cooking for making something to eat. I found that it’s quite hard to buy things and stuff in supermarket because they are Swedish and I can’t read them. Just to look and guest what they are exactly. Anyway, I’m still alive!

I have some photos to show what I see from my bedroom window…

My first place is around Västertrop train station. It’s on the red line, 2 stations next to Telefonplan where my school is. It’s quite near, isn’t it? Once, I tried to walk to school. It took me about 30 minutes. People say that it’s quite safe here, but I think on the way to school through parks and apartments is quite creepy. There are a few people I met. It is so peaceful and quiet. By the way, it happened to me that a little bird beside the path frightened me while I was walking. Shame…

For one thing, I think that it’s because of a summer time, so I’m not homesick. There’s a sunlight almost 24 hours. I’ve been to the downtown to travel and explore new places. There’s a lot of tourists. I could feel lively and it help me enjoy living here alone. However, I don’t know how long I could be well. Maybe I haven’t met the hard time or difficulties yet. Maybe next month I will feel completely different. Things are gonna change every time. People say in the winter time everything will totally change. A sunlight is rare. People get depressed easily. I’m not sure I could stand it or not, but I have to get through it anyway.


Wish me have a good luck :)

Take care,

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