First Thing First

Hello there everyone,

This is my first English blog so, I might apologize for my grammar mistakes.

This is also my first website that I want to use as my official online portfolio. I struggled for a couple of weeks for searching a solution to make this website, and I end up with WordPress and a theme from Wpshower. (Thanks a lot :D)

Here’s what my homepage looks like today…

I might not say that this website is done, but it meets my basic requirements. I’m working on changing an appearance. You will see a change soon.


Let’s move on to my life…

Today is my last day in Bangkok (My flight is on 13 July 2012 at 1 a.m.). I’m going to Stockholm, Sweden to study at Hyper Island. I could say that, previously, I barely know nothing about this country. A few things I know are that Sweden is a cold country and Swedes can speak English. Now, I read a lot but I know that is not enough. I’m so exciting and nervous, maybe afraid as well… Anyway, I should prepare as much as I can.

I know that this is a huge change in my life. I almost live with my family since I was born (I know that it seems so young), but there was a short time that I used to live separately. Last 2 years, when I worked at WeCreateGame. I had to live alone in my old house because it’s convenient to go to work. Then, after I quit my job, I moved to live with my family again.

I’m sure that living in Sweden is completely different from in Thailand, but I must get through it. It is time to grow up. I chose this school by myself and my parents support me all the way. All I have to do are finding myself, seeking my life path and experiencing the real world.

Finally, thank mom and dad for helping, supporting and giving me a chance. Thank friends for helping and talking to me everytime I want.


See you again Thailand, family and friends :D

Take care,

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