Before School Starts

Hi there,

My school-Hyper Island is opening on next Monday. Hardworking is on the way. I’m here for 3 weeks and a couple of days, and still don’t get used to the sun in summertime of Sweden. At first, I thought I am doing well, but now, I have to reconsider again.

For my very first day, I had a good sleep, I guess. I could sleep for many hours like normal people do. It might be because of tiredness and time difference. After several nights, my old friend problem came back, maybe.

Let me introduce my old friend problem a minute…

I have some problems with my sleeping habit. I think it’s not an insomnia because I can sleep normally. The problems are that it’s really hard to get sleep and really easy to wake up. Many times in the past, I tried reading before bedtime-just wanted to feel so sleepy, and when the time came, I turned off the lamp. Suddenly, I was awake. I had to make an effort trying to sleep for a while. Sometimes, it took more than an hour. Moreover, my eyes are so sensitive to the light. Just a little light from the air-con(e.g. power-on light, timer-on light) can disturb me a lot (but I can sleep during the day, if I’m so exhausted). Also, a little sound could wake me easily. I don’t know why but, for example, I usually set my air-con to turn off in the morning and when my air-con turned off, there was no beep-sound, there was just the turning-off-machine sound, and it woke me up!

That is my old friend problem and now it’s coming back, but it’s just a trying-to-sleep part, because there is no air-con here. However, a long day is here. I have to fight with the 20-hour sun every night. This is awful but it lasts only a few months in summer. A day becomes shorter and shorter until winter. We will see a sunlight only a few hours a day (if we’re lucky!). Maybe I’ll regret what I’m saying now…


Okay, let’s move on to the school issue. Last Thursday, I had an Introduction Day at my school for international students. I met a lot of people from around the world, for example, Brazil (those guys are awesome), US, China, India, Spain, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, so on (I can’t remember all countries, sorry). We talked a lot and I was so tired…Oh man, I almost never talked that long before…Oh you might not know me well enough.

Let me introduce myself a minute…

I think I’m calm, quite, clean, neat, silent, silly (maybe) and bored (maybe). I might say I’m not a talker. Many times I tried to speak more and more, but it seemed not work. I usually come out with uninterested or silly topic, and end with silence or boredom…So, I realized that I might not a kind of talkative person. I tend to be more like listener and thinker. That is not enough. I don’t smoke and I’m teetotal. I don’t drink alcohol. It doesn’t relate to anything. I just don’t like it.

Those are some of my personality. Some people might get bored when hanging around with me. I’m sorry for that. Anyway, those don’t mean I don’t like people. I still need friends, but, you know, people are not all the same. I know that there must be some people that we can get along.

Back to my last Thursday. I met a lot of people. Some I already know. Some I don’t know. Anyhow, it’s time to get to know many people before we start to work together in a group. We had some activities and that convince me that this school is way more crazy, yes, CRAZY! We had some funny moments which were so hilarious. This is impressive!

This might be a good sign of a good start for a lonely Thai student. At least, I don’t feel lonely and bored. Thanks my new friends :D

Finally, I need to show a photo when some of my new friends and I went cycling in Stockholm. This place is at Djugården, Stockholm. I took this photo, so that why you don’t see me.


Take care,


PS Sorry again, I haven’t done any changes with this website XD

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