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The winter was already here. It got dark very quickly and I didn’t see the sun for many days. Though the snow seemed to come late this year. It only snowed for 2 days then it was all gone. 

This month my company AFRY arranged a social activity in the design team. We played curling together at the place near the new office. It was actually more difficult than I thought, or maybe because it was my first time so I just needed to practice more. This month I also had to say goodbye to Viktor, my dear colleague as he quit AFRY to join another company. I can only hope that he would stick around :/

Last weekend I went to see Cats the Musical. I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the first row on the last day before the show. The show was very entertaining. The performers were really great. Great dance, great singing. Especially the live version of the song Memory was super impressive. I had nothing to complain. Maybe the seats could have been more comfortable. I got to know about Cats from the movie some years ago. The movie version got a lot boos from the audience, but not the musical. I guess one of the highlights was the song Memory that the singer had to show their voice and I honestly thought that was really grand.

Here are some photos from the show. They didn’t allow to record anything of the show. So I only got a bit of the stage.

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