Good Start

Hi there,

My life at AFRY was alright. After working with several companies-big and small, AFRY was my first one that provided me with a mobile phone of my choice including data plan. I could get some phone accessories. Noted these were company items. If I left, I would have to return them.

Staying in Sweden for work as an expat was a different story comparing to a student life. Luckily the company treated me well (I’m not going into details now. There were several things to improve by the way.) and prioritised good working environment as well as work-life balance. I used to work in other companies in Thailand that claimed to value “work-life balance”. Some did a pretty good job whereas some seemed to put that up for luring new employees. Nonetheless, so far AFRY did it best for me (as it was my first company in Sweden that I got a full-time permanent position). 

I was quite fortunate to see and experience how companies in Sweden treated their employees. To work and have a good life can be a real thing. Apart from work, the company arranged some social activities from time to time. People were pretty active here. It wasn’t only eating together, but also doing some sports and attending some events like concerts.

However this was just the first few months. I still felt like being in a transitioning period. I hadn’t felt settled at the moment and needed some more time to adjust.

See you later,

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