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Glad midsommar! Although it had been more than a year since I left Sweden, I still missed it very much. The country taught me many things and I learned a lot about myself. 

When I was young, I collected a lot of things as my hobbies. I played games, card games, boardgames and toys. They were still at my home on the shelves and in boxes, everywhere. By the time I was in Sweden, those things remained where they were. Nobody touched them and I didn’t like anyone to do so. Though when I came back, I had a quite different view on the things. It had been a few years and I grew out of them. They used to mean something to me but then looking at all the stuff made me feel nostalgic, but heavy. 

At some point, I asked myself how long I would keep all these things while I always knew that I can’t do this forever and they just kept holding me back. Suddenly some things just became less important and perhaps I could give them away or sell them (and I did). So I can have fewer things to worry about.

Here are some of those things-Summoner Master and Summoner Trinity card games. Both played a big part in my childhood. I was a collector and got a chance to work with the company part-time for some years. I made some friends in the community and I was still in contact with some even if it had been like 18 years already. I decided to sell them because they still had value (ka-ching!) and maybe others could take better care of them than I could. Thanks for the good old days :)

That was a big chunk of weights I carried on my shoulders. It lingered at the back of my head for many years. I was so reluctant when I got the idea of selling them. It was a difficult decision. However, when it went, I didn’t feel sad, yet relieved, weirdly.

There is a saying in from a movie-“You have to leave something behind to go forward” (Interstellar, 2014). I liked this movie a lot.

See you later,

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