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Hi there, 

I just updated my website after several years. I thought it was time to change and make my website up-to-date. It wasn’t fully done though. There were parts that I had to work on more e.g. the portfolio. This new version would come with better image quality for my work. You might see that, previously, the images looked quite blurry and small because the old theme didn’t support high resolution images and retina display. Therefore, it was time to update. 

new website

Talking about change, change was never easy. This website update was not easy. I would have to redo all the images and probably improve some contents as well. I had been putting my work online and been blogging for almost 10 years already (since 2011). It can’t just look the same over the decade. It was as same as myself. I evolved and grew a lot over the decade. There were many changes in me. This blog was just a reflection of part of my life that I could share to public. 

People say change is good, but it seems like only a few people can really change. For some reason, change just takes a lot of effort. Some changes are just incredibly difficult although it looks simple. This website, for example, it demanded a lot of effort from me to make changes. One was to find a good theme that I can simply install in my website and customize it to look the way I want. Another one was to update the contents such as my portfolio and my profile. It took several hours to complete all this. What made it difficult was probably myself. It’s like a paradox. I wanted it to change but I also made it difficult to change. Maybe a part of me was just too lazy to do it because I already got a job and my previous website looked just fine. Another part of me just wanted to improve it because the flaw was there and it had been there for several years. This was just one of the conflicts I had with myself.

Anyway, whatever has been started, it just needs to be done.

Later aligator,

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