Throwback To WCG

Hi there,

Lately Facebook just showed me an old post of my uploaded images about 10 years ago that I almost forgot. It was photos from my first job at WeCreateGame. Those photos were taken by iPhone4 therefore the resolution and quality are quite low. Well, it was pretty good for smartphones back then. 

At that time, I was a Flash programmer and made Flash games and interactive installations for museums, events, touchscreens and websites. It was the job that led me to interaction design and became UX designer nowadays. It was the job that enabled me to do master’s study in Human-Computer Interaction in Sweden as well. As my bachelor’s degree was in Fine Arts, it lacked technical, programming, and scientific courses. Those courses are typically required to apply for the HCI program. However, with the work experience of my job, I was able to program and that allowed me to study HCI. (Note that the requirements of the HCI program in different universities are different.)

I didn’t have many photos of my works during that time to show much because I was a programmer, not a designer. My work was mostly codes which was not visual, and Flash was already dead for years. Plus, my iPhone4 just came in quite late in my career, so most of the work wasn’t recorded at all :/ 

Anyway, it was alright. I didn’t plan to become a full-time programmer and didn’t need to showcase the work from my first job in my portfolio as well. This blog was just a throwback to my first full-time job and I kinda felt a bit nostalgic.

See ya,

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