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There was an explosion of a chemical factory in Bangkok earlier this month. It was my first time evacuating from my home in Bangkok. Actually, my home was quite far from the factory but the smoke came into my direction because of the wind. Since it was a chemical factory, the smoke was pretty dangerous to health. Therefore, the public sector announced evacuation of the 10-km radius from the incident.

I never thought that it would happen, and when it happened, I got to admit that I had no clue of what to do. The public sectors were also slow to take action. The fire started around 3 a.m. on the day but the announcement came in the late afternoon. We lost 1 fireman and many got injured. From this incident, it appeared that many things in the process must be improved and fixed. There weren’t enough resources for rescue and all the communication was a mess. It turned out that private sectors had to step in to help out all the people and damage around the area.

It just seemed quite helpless to live during this Thai government, let alone the Covid-19 situation that was getting worse and worse in Thailand. We were pretty much on our own :/

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