Hi there,

The month went by pretty fast. It wasn’t an easy month for me. Beside my everyday job, I got to face some disappointment and frustration about my personal stuff. It went down pretty quick. I started to understand why many people, at some point, look for something to put their faith in. As well as others, when I felt so weak and really needed something to hold on to, it got to be something spiritual and powerful. I had known Ganesh since I did my bachelor’s study because he is the symbol of my university. He is a Hindu deity and associated with arts and success. Therefore, I worshipped him. This month I went to his shrine in Bangkok and prayed to him hoping that things would get better soon.

Sometimes I wondered if this was just a thirty-something crisis like people say that everyone faces a crisis every ten years or something. When they enter twenties, thirties, and so on, they will have a life crisis. I didn’t know if this was mine. Looking at my situation now, I was lucky to have a full-time job during the pandemic, living in a house with no debt. I wasn’t sure if I could and should ask for more. Well, sometimes things are just not what they seem to be. Moreover, if I were happy with my life, I would just be happy and enjoy living with it. Though I didn’t :/

It was one of the lowest point in this year but it was only March. Hope things would get better.

I’ll end this blog with a photo of my toy collection. These are from Animal Crossing (and Super Mario in the back), the game that made things easier for me last year.


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