Solid, Visualisation Tool

A demo of a visualisation tool presents data of media coverage and health issues around the world. The objective of Solid is to show how media can influent and get our attention to one topic while there are other topics that are more crucial and deserve more attention.

We use the data of media coverage from the Google Custom Search API, and use the data of the health issues (Disability-Adjusted Life Year or DALY) from VizHub Health Data. The visualisations in the website is created from D3. See full project here:

This project participated in C-Awards 2016 contest, got nominated into 2 categories-Bästa affärsmöjlighet (Best Business Opportunity) and Bästa forskningsframsteg (Best Research Opportunity), and won both categories, plus Publikens val (People’s Choice).

Read more about the project here: Solid, behind the scene

My roles

Art director, Designer, Web programmer, Co-project manager

My contributions

I was mainly in charge of the art director and designer role. I took care of the art direction and designed the logo and the website including web programming. In the late state of the project, I managed the project by assigning tasks and helped debug the engine of the website.

Team members

Adria Cruz
Cheng Tianchang
Ewoud van der Heide
Giovanna Vilaza
Ingrid Sorensen
Maria Rahamägi
Martin Hedlund
Pruek Laochaiyapruek
Yun Zeng


  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Web Programming
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design