I design simple life and make things easier.


In Short
My name is Pruek from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a UX designer. I do user research and conduct usability tests. I design user interfaces and make prototypes for websites, mobile applications, and devices. I have experienced working across several disciplines: graphic design, art direction, web programming, and concept development. In my free time, I play piano, take photos, and travel.

My work process

At the moment, I am a UX designer at Morphosis. I am in charge of:

  • doing user research and workshops
  • designing information architecture (content inventories, sitemaps, wireframes, user flows)
  • prototyping and testing mobile applications and websites
  • managing projects and coordinating with clients

Feel free to send me a message or email me: pruek.lk[at]yahoo.com.


My Purpose
I pursue better interaction design and inclusive design to create better experience. I would like to create intuitive and understandable design that everyone can access and use it easily. My inspiration comes from when I see people struggle using new technologies and devices. Regardless all design trends, I believe that there is a better way to make design more approachable and useable to everyone.


“Pruek is highly competent in analysing and designing user experience solutions. At Match2One he was part in designing great and easy to use solutions for advanced advertising technology as well as taking part in usability tests and research. Pruek is a great asset to any team.” (Markus Thyberg, User Experience Manager at Match2One)




– Researching (interview, focus group, card sorting, competitive analysis)
– Prototyping and testing websites and mobile applications (heuristic evaluation, think-aloud)
– Designing user flows and interfaces (wireframes, visual design)
– Managing and analysing quantitative data and qualitative data including visualising data
– Planning and facilitating workshops and brainstorm sessions
– Building up ideas and concepts
– Drawing and painting in both traditional and digital styles
– Programming with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
– Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups, Axure RP


Work Experience
Lead UX Designer
Morphosis  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  April 2018 – now
– Planning and conducting user research and workshops
– Designing information architecture (content inventories, sitemaps, wireframes, user flows)
– Prototyping and testing mobile applications and websites
– Assisting visual design work
– Managing projects and coordinating with clients

UX Designer (Internship)
Match2One  •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  mid October 2017 – mid January 2018
– Prototyping and designing user experience of Match2One web application including a new ad creation tool
– Making design solutions to solve usability issues of the current product
– Drafting a cohort analysis report of the conversion of the current product
– Designing marketing material such as Match2One homepage and presentation including ads (banners) for clients
(See the work)

UX Designer/Researcher
Great Works  •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  July – November 2016, February – May 2017
– Researching how to best choose visualisations for investment portfolios for unknowledgeable users, and designing graphs for those portfolio, displaying performance, sector weighting, etc.
– Researching around interaction design concepts for mobile apps and websites
– Planning and conducting usability tests (heuristic evaluation, user testing with think aloud protocol, interviews) including analysing the results and suggesting changes for a financial service website (This evaluation is also a part of my master’s thesis.)
Client: Danica Pension
(See the project)

Digital & Creative Graphic Designer
Epic Consulting  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  April – July 2015
– Working with the UX design for websites and apps: creating flows, navigation maps, wireframes, UI
– Supervising and monitoring junior designers
Epic Consulting is an outsourced service provider. My primary client is MIMO Tech, owned by Advanced Info Service (AIS).

Digital Art Director
Saatchi & Saatchi  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  late July 2014 – March 2015
– Working with the ideation process and concept development for the digital and social part
– Creating the art direction and layouts
– Designing the UI and UX for the prototypes of websites and apps
– Producing digital contents for the digital platforms
Clients: NokScoot Airlines, Virgin Active Thailand

Creative-Graphic Designer (Internship)
GirlieCamps  •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  April – mid June 2014
– Working with online marketing strategy on social media including producing sales materials
– Designing the new corporate identity for the new name of the company “EscCamps”
(See the project)

Creative-Visual Designer (Internship)
River Cresco  •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  mid November 2013 – mid March 2014
– Producing visual contents and presentations for clients
– Making infographics for the company
(See the project)

Flash Programmer
WeCreateGame  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  April 2010 – June 2011
– Developing and testing Flash sites, applications, installations and games with ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0
– Designing and creating motion graphics and animations
– Working as a co-project manager in some cases
Clients: Charoen Pokphand Group (CP)Royal Thai MintRattanakosin Exhibition Hall

Flash Motion Designer (Internship)
WeCreateGame  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  March – April 2009
– Designing motion graphics and animations on websites and interactive media
– Studying basic programming


Human-Computer Interaction – Master of Science degree
KTH Royal Institute of Technology •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  late August 2015 – June 2017
– Studying theories and methodologies of human-computer interaction with a focus on interaction design
– Practicing and conducting user research and usability tests
– Designing and prototyping digital products such as websites and mobile applications

Digital Media Creative – Diploma
Hyper Island  •  Stockholm, Sweden  •  August 2012 – June 2014
– Training in digital products and services development
– Studying and practicing idea and concept development throughout the production and final delivery
– Training in personal development and teamwork including workshop facilitation

Visual Communication Design – Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (First class honours)
Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University  •  Bangkok, Thailand  •  June 2006 – February 2010
– Studying design theories and practices in visual communication design
– Training in graphic design and illustration


Interests & Others
Photography, Infographic & Data visualisation, Piano, Gadgets, Travel, Fitness, Blood donation, Northern lights, Mountains