Research for Insurance Company

This project is under a non-disclosure agreement. I can’t reveal any information regarding the client and all the findings. I will focus mostly on the process and learnings from my part of the project.

An international insurance company wanted to revise their strategy and experiment the proof of concept in Thai market. In the first phase, they hired Morphosis Apps to study Thai consumers in regard to health insurance, create a customer journey map and personas, then create a web prototype to prepare the materials for their sprint.

My role

Lead UX researcher

My contributions

I was in charge of planning the research, conducting, summarizing, analyzing the findings, and reporting the results. I led creating the personas and the customer journey map. I also helped plan the alignment workshop and participated. After the workshop, I planned the user testing, conducted, summarized, analyzed, and reported the results. Moreover, I helped build the prototype.

Team members

Pruek Laochaiyapruek
Sora-at Tekaew
Jakrayut Vetthanasuk
Thitaree Sawettatat
Manassara Vanthaneeyakul


Jérémie Tisseau (CEO & Founder), Morphosis Apps


  • Interview
  • Persona
  • Customer Journey Map
  • User Testing