Here is how my 3-month internship turned out. The first 2 months focused a lot on a new banner creation tool and the current platform. Then the last month focused on the Match2One brand itself. During the whole period, I spent some time working on banners for clients and Match2One marketing materials.

One major task that I got from the beginning was to work with usability issues of the current platform. The issues could be very simple or crucial. They really varied from case to case. It could be that a link text was not visible enough so that users didn’t notice it, or that users tended to forget to complete the payment form because the “Next” button was hidden out of the screen and they didn’t scroll down to click it. Here is one example when I made a design proposal to solve the usability issues. This case was to explain meanings of numbers (click through rate and cost per acquisition) presented on the platform because some users didn’t know how to make sense of the numbers i.e. they didn’t know if it was a good or bad result. The idea was to use colours as an indicator e.g. green is good and red is bad.

Another issue was that users couldn’t find a draft of a campaign that they made last time. Then, they got frustrated as they would have to set up a campaign again. My idea here was to either notify users (with a link) when they save a draft so they know where it is saved, or add a shortcut button to the latest draft at the top of the screen so they can get to the latest draft right away.

This is some sketch of the banner creation tool when I started in the early process. Usually I started designing from sketching. Once I settle with my sketches, I move on to finalise my design the computer. In this sketch, I designed the interaction of users when they edit the size of an image on a single banner.

Here is some of the work in progress that I created during the process. One thing to be concerned while working with this new banner creation tool was that the tool would be implemented in the platform together with the third party application (Bannersnack). Therefore, I had to regard the user journey when users use the platform and how they would get to the tool, use it, and close it smoothly.

Because Match2One platform was large and complex by nature, when adding a new feature (in this case, it was a new banner creation tool), it needed to be careful and be sure that the new feature would fit in the flow and work properly. Here I discussed the flow when users set up a campaign and create banners for the campaign.

After several iterations, this is one screenshot of the tool that was close to the final design and it was a part of the prototype that was used in the usability test with clients. After the test, my manager finalised the design according to the feedback and the results received from the test. Then, the tool was moved into the development process.

During my internship, I got a couple of redesign tasks and this is one of them. The task was to redesign the campaign set-up as the current version was using grey colour as a background and it seemed to need some refreshing. I therefore proposed the white background with minimalistic approach and used icons to make it friendlier. This image is the Payment step in the new campaign set-up.

Another redesign task was to redesign the dashboard. This image is the dashboard when there are drafts saved in an account. With my new design, I tried to solve some usability issues such as the lack of currency shown in the platform, and the difficulty to get to the draft of the campaign. I also simplified some visual elements by removing some lines and adding more white space. Furthermore, I used some vivid colours from Match2One graphic profile so some elements can stand out from the background.

This is a new homepage of Match2One. The desktop version of this new design was already made when I started but it was still undone. My part was to complete and tweak small details, and make tablet and mobile phone versions including button states. This new design was already implemented on Match2One homepage.

The last design task that I got from this internship was to design the customer success stories section. The objective of this section was to present the customer success stories or case studies. As the contents weren’t complicated because they were created to be read, I used simple layouts for the main page and the single story page.